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Electus Parrot

Gang-gang Cockatoos

Gang-gang Cockatoos
Electus Parrot, 16 Dec 2009
    • mstickmanp
      These are beautiful birds! Too bad there are only 1.4 in the US, with the San Diego Zoo having 1.2.
    • PAT
      Does that mean there are only 5 in all of the united states or just in zoos?

      I've only ever seen two of these birds and funnily enough they were at a bird show/sale.
    • Electus Parrot
      Yeah, are there any in private hands?
    • Hix
      In the States they are kept privately, I believe.

      In Australia, I've seen them in Canberra about 500m from Parliament House.
    • mstickmanp
      I was just talking about zoos in the US.
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    16 Dec 2009
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