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Martin B

Gelada Baboon Exhibit

New Gelada Baboon Exhibit - Opened 12th August 2016

Gelada Baboon Exhibit
Martin B, 12 Aug 2016
    • Martin B
      New Gelada Baboon Exhibit - Opened 12th August 2016
    • Benosaurus
      I really like the overall look of this new exhibit. The rockwork looks really good too.
    • snowleopard
      It is always great when zoo exhibits blend into a lush backdrop and the size of this enclosure appears to be excellent. I'm guessing that there is an extremely steep drop down from the electric fence, and hopefully a back-up generator in case of a power outage as the barriers are not as impressive as I would have imagined for large primates. On a side note, if you zoom into the photo then there is some kind of black hose in the grass between the two fences.
    • Pertinax
      It looks good. Bristol don't stint expense when building new enclosures.
    • Nisha
      Did the Gelada's come from Edinburgh ? How many have they got ?
    • kiang
      The geladas came from Zurich.
    • sooty mangabey
      On the very limited evidence of this one photo, I'm not sure I'd agree! The artificial rocks stand out like sore thumbs - not quite in the Colchester league, but not far off - while the fence at the front looks a bit homespun. Compared to the gelada exhibit at Zlin, for example, or (budget-wise, possibly an unfair comparison) Zurich or the Bronx, this looks a bit ordinary. (I'd rather an ordinary gelada exhibit than nothing at all, mind you).
    • Pertinax
      I saw this exhibit recently. Its a bit like a smaller 'dry' version of Gorilla Island at the (Bristol) Zoo. The flat areas have been laid with turf, the raised hill behind has weeds/wildflowers growing on it. The barriers are all pretty smart and secure. The rocks look good and don't look too out of place. There is also a covered glass-fronted viewing lookout at the end furthest from their indoor area.

      The one surprise was the rather ugly indoor building- also it didn't look finished- with scaffolding and stepladders in situ- I wasn't clear if these were for the inmates or for workmen!
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    12 Aug 2016
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