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Giant Octopus Exhibit

A very disappointing exhibit. March 2012

Giant Octopus Exhibit
Ituri, 15 Mar 2012
    • Ituri
      A very disappointing exhibit.
      March 2012
    • Chlidonias
      very disappointing! I really dislike octopus tanks that are basically empty boxes. I know they like to hide a lot, being nocturnal and all, but part of keeping animals in captivity should be catering to their needs in a way that also displays them well. Not just putting them in an empty space so they can't hide (or, in the case of octopus, have anything to occupy themselves)
    • deanmo19
      Looks like that exhibit needs to be renovated soon.
    • Chlidonias
      sadly it's a brand new exhibit
    • deanmo19
      I know, but it still needs some hiding places for an octopus.
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    15 Mar 2012
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