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Giant Panda, september 2008

Giant Panda, september 2008
Johnny, 24 Dec 2009
    • Blackduiker
      Have there been any successful Panda breedings in Berlin?
    • lintworm
      No, the only succesful panda breedings in Europe were in Madrid(1982) and Vienna(2007).
    • Zebraduiker
      They tried it several times by A.I, one time, they almost lost the female during the process.
    • Blackduiker
      Thanks for the information, that's unfortunate news.
    • MARK
      I think the Madrid breeding was by using chilled semen from the London zoo male
    • Cat-Man
      yes, chia chia (pronounced Chah Chah) was the father
    • EvilKittie
      hasnt madrid made their female pregnant again?
    • KEEPER
      They tried, with AI but finaly the female aborted,
    • EvilKittie
      okies ty for that m8
    • Pertinax
      This Panda 'BaoBao' is/was by far the oldest Panda in any Zoo in the West(and maybe including all those in China too).

      I have looked on ISIS and he isn't listed anymore.
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