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Giants of the Savanna - Cheetah exhibit

Showing about 1/3 of exhibit (cheetahs lying down on crest of hill)

Giants of the Savanna - Cheetah exhibit
Zooplantman, 24 May 2010
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    • Zooplantman
      Showing about 1/3 of exhibit (cheetahs lying down on crest of hill)
    • BlackRhino
      I like how spacious this is, and I like the vegetation, but it would be a lot better if the fence posts in the back were covered up. Hopefully the vegetation will grow in a little more.
    • Zooplantman
      I share that hope.
      Look again next summer - those clumps of grasses you see on the ridge should be 6-9' tall then
    • Otter Lord
      Woah, this is crazy. A glass viewing area of a cheetah exhibit. Most of the ones I can think of use a dry moat and the hill goes up to eye level where the cheetahs rest. This looks natural and spacious, but all the foliage is at the back so it looks man-made. In order to break up the view a bit more there should be maybe some logs, rocks, or pennisetum spread around the enclosure.

      Oh and is this the only viewing area?
    • jbnbsn99
      There are 4 viewing windows. This was taken at the largest window.
    • Zooplantman
      There are plants too small as yet to be seen.
      There are also some practical reasons not to do too much in front by the glass.
    • snowleopard
      @Otter Lord: the Oregon Zoo opened up the excellent "Predators of the Serengeti" last year, and it has glass viewing for its lions, African wild dogs and cheetahs.
    • Zooplantman
      Interesting "coincidence."
    • geomorph
      Kansas City Zoo also has glass viewing for its cheetah exhibit.
    • mweb08
      As does Maryland.
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