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Giants of the Savanna - Giraffe

Giants of the Savanna - Giraffe
jbnbsn99, 6 Jul 2010
    • reduakari
      Have the giraffes and elephants been mixed yet? What about the gazelles (impala?)?
    • Jabiru96
      Do those (what appear to be fake) logs serve as a barricade?
    • jbnbsn99
      @reduakari - Not yet. Sunday was the first day that the Giraffes had been out in the big yard. Impala have been mixed with Ostrich and Zebra though, although I haven't seen the Zebra in the mix yet.

      @UrMumzAGoat - It is supposed to be a Giraffe barricade. The front part is the Giraffe feeding area and the back part is the main yard. Problem is the Giraffes figured out how to climb though those logs!
    • Jabiru96

      So they rotate the giraffes for feeding right?

      If so, why is that?
    • jbnbsn99
      They will be rotating the giraffes. Currently there are 12 giraffes. Rotating makes sense as you don't want your giraffes getting full.
    • Jabiru96
      Thats alot, thanks for the info :)
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