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Giraffe paddock at Cotswold WP 21/05/10

Giraffe paddock at Cotswold WP 21/05/10
Paradoxurus, 25 May 2010
    • adrian1963
      Is that another dreaded electric fence I can see
      With todays technology you think they would have got rid of the dreaded electric fence by now, as I think these do make the enclosures look more like prisons these days.
      Other than the fence I think this is going to be a great enclosure for the Giraffes
    • Dom
      Though i have not seen this in person yet, i think that wire might be a thin metal cable, to stop people getting into the enclousure.
      The paddock itself is dug down lower than path level, and this is used around the park, for the Zebra and rhino and ostrich.

      At least i think thats what it is....might be wrong.
    • Cat-Man
      the 1st bit of wire is, the other is electric fence (one of my mates brothers :S)
    • scimiterhorned1
      i think electri fences are a gd way of keepeing animals in such as apes , ungulates, and elephants.
    • jerseygorilla
      I agree, and they make viewing the animals much better.

      I love the enclosures at Cotswold that are designed with the same fence and ditch as this, makes for great viewing and photo opportunities.
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    25 May 2010
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