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Gordon's Cat at Jihlava, 31/05/10

[i]Felis sylvestris gordoni[/i]

Gordon's Cat at Jihlava, 31/05/10
Maguari, 11 Jul 2010
    • Maguari
      Felis sylvestris gordoni
    • Arizona Docent
      Very nice. I just read somewhere, I forget where, that the two mideast races of wildcat (F.s. gordoni and F.s. tristrami) have been merged and are now considered part of the african race (F.s. lybica).
    • Maguari

      Not heard that about the merger but I'm sure you could ask a different taxonomist and get a different number of subspecies every time (and I say that as someone who loves taxonomy!). Subspecies are a fairly shaky and vague concept anyway, so even if I don't believe they're necessarily valid I always tend to take the most splitting option when labelling photos or making notes below species level - that way if they're split again in the future I know what I've seen/photo'd!
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    Zoologická Zahrada Jihlava
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    11 Jul 2010
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