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Gorilla exhibit

Gorilla exhibit
jbnbsn99, 14 May 2010
    • snowleopard
      The new photos of "Giants of the Savanna" illustrate the fact that the Dallas Zoo has used similar barriers before to contain its animals. The mudbank walls of the new elephant exhibit are somewhat similar to the ones that keep the gorillas enclosed in their own top-notch habitat. Are the apes able to climb some of the slender trees in their exhibit?
    • jbnbsn99
      The walls here are a re-do of the original exhibit. They had to be raised up about 3-6 feet all around the whole exhibit. This exhibit is less climbable than the South Habitat mostly because the gorillas broke all the climbable trees.
    • joshgrossglaza
      who live in here?

      Is it Timbo or Patrick and his 2 females?
    • jbnbsn99
      All 4 Gorilla rotate the two habitats. Patrick is a bachelor BTW.
    • joshgrossglaza
      No, Patrick now lives with 2 females, Tufani and Makena, in hopes of breeding.
    • jbnbsn99
      Hate to disappoint you. Patrick lives by himself. Tufani, Makena, and Timbo at times will live together. Patrick is a non-breeder.
    • joshgrossglaza
      You really haven't watch for the zoo's updates, have you? Tufani and Makena have been living with Patrick for 2 years now.
    • jbnbsn99
      This isn't a battle worth fighting I'm afraid.
    • ashleymunday
      This is very beautiful. I would love to see this exhibit!
    • Dallaspachyderm
      I was speaking with keepers, Patrick's father in the Bronx is over represented. Makena and Tufani were sent to Dallas as companion animals. His hopes of breeding were canceled. And now the females are together and he is alone at the moment. Introductions between he and the females did not go well.
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    14 May 2010
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