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Guanaco/Elephant Exhibits

Weird geographic mix...

Guanaco/Elephant Exhibits
DelacoursLangur, 18 Jan 2020
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    • ThylacineAlive
      This area of the zoo is Elephant Odyssey, the theme of the exhibit is recreating a prehistoric California ecosystem using modern day species as replacements for now-Extinct Pleistocene fauna.

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    • DelacoursLangur
      @ThylacineAlive Huh I didnt know that. I dont really agree with the idea, but interesting nonetheless.
    • Hipporex
      For reference:
      • Modern Animal = Pleistocene California Equivalent
      • Southern lion = Panthera atrox (American lion)
      • Jaguar = Jaguar
      • Linnaeus's two-toed sloth = Nothrotheriops shastensis (Shasta ground sloth)
      • Capybara = Neochoerus
      • Baird's tapir = Tapirus californicus (California tapir)
      • Gunaco = Hemiauchenia macrocephala
      • African bush elephant = Mammuthus columbi (Columbian mammoth)
      • Asian elephant = Mammut pacificus (Pacific mastodon)
      • Secretary bird = Buteogallus daggetti (Daggett's eagle)
      • Dromedary camel = Camelops hesternus (Western camel)
      • Pronghorn = Pronghorn
      • Horse = Equus occidentalis (Western horse)
      • California condor = California condor
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    • Wyman
      @Hipporex And there could have been new exhibits for bison and sloth bears in the mix (equivalents being Bison latifrons and Arctodus sp.)
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    • AWP
      I would prefer an endangered equine (onager, Somali wild ass, Przewalski horse) instead of domestic horse or donkey.

      @Wyman spectacled bear would be more logical than sloth bear
    • Wyman
      @AWP They mentioned those on the original promotional site for Elephant Odyssey along with early site plans, so... anything goes, really. (Yeah, spectacled bears would make more sense)
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