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Hamadryas Baboon Enclosure

28/12/2014-Baboon enclosure with lots of palm trees.

Hamadryas Baboon Enclosure
Riley, 21 Feb 2015
    • Riley
      28/12/2014-Baboon enclosure with lots of palm trees.
    • dean
      nice looking enclosure a good shot Riley
    • Riley
      thanks Dean :)
    • lintworm
      Living trees in a baboon exhibit, that is something I have never seen before!
    • Zooish
      The trees look hot-wired just below the crown. They wouldn't survive otherwise.
    • snowleopard
      You are absolutely correct. The trees, while spectacular, are all hotwired just below the crown. By zooming in on the original photo it is also possible to make out some wire/plastic sheets covering at least a couple of the trees.
    • lintworm
      I was looking for hotwire on the base of the stems and did not see it :p

      But it explains it ;).
    • Oddernod
      I was here on a blistering hot day — the sun normally doesn't bother me but something about the lack of cover and the reflection from the sun forced me to move along from the baboon exhibit. So now I finally get to see it in it's entirety — thanks for the great photo!

      Looks like they have an incredible amount of land to move around in; do you know how many they have at the Melbourne Zoo?
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    21 Feb 2015
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