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Tim May

Hartmann's mountain zebra; Marwell; 25th June 2008

Hartmann's mountain zebra; Marwell; 25th June 2008
Tim May, 20 Dec 2009
    • Pertinax
      This species seems to have shrunk back to its former rarity in the UK. Marwell have 0.3, Paignton 1.3 and I can't think of any others. As I believe Marwell are the s/b holders I'm surprised they have been without a Stallion for some while now. I wonder if none are available?
    • Zambar
      That's likely, as Marwell wouldn't want to send away with them because of the s.b as you mentioned and the fact they're proud of holding all three zebra species.
    • Tim May
      I agree that, sadly, this form is now fairly scarce in UK zoos. There were Hartmann’s mountain zebra at Linton on my last visit, but it is a while since I was last there. (ISIS still lists 1.2 specimens at Linton.)
    • hantslad
      Mountain Zebra

      Tim you may know but are there any Paignton zoo ?there were when i there last but that is a few years ago,and it may have only been a spare male.
    • hantslad
      Soz just seen that Paington have 1.3, at a guess most of females are all related to the Marwell females as we bred quite a few in the 80,s and early 90,s.
    • Tim May
      Yes, as Pertinax stated in an earlier post, there are Hartmann's mountain zebra at Paignton Zoo; I saw them there earlier this year.
    • Mike11
      Linton do indeed hold Hartmans Mountain Zebra's
      Harkim (M)
      Goya (F)
      Heidi (F)
      Heidi I believe came from Marwell about 2 years ago.
      They are still yet to breed but there is alot of hope for some calves in the future. Linton has previously bred Grevy's Zebra very succesfully so hopefully Hartmans Mountain Zebra will follow.
    • Tim May
      Thank you for confirming that the Hartmann’s mountain zebra are still at Linton.

      For those interested in this form; the studbook is available on-line on the Marwell web-site.
    • Maguari
      The other UK zoo with this form of zebra is Blackpool.
    • Pertinax
      Isis lists 0.2 for Blackpool, 1.2 for Linton, 0.3 for Marwell, (only) 1.2 for Paignton.

      Worldwide they seem at a low ebb in zoos- less than 120 individuals in total. In Europe there seem to be relatively few males either. I hope Marwell can get another soon.
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