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Hill Park Zoo Map

A map of a quick fantasy zoo I made up, Hill Park Zoo. Located somewhere in the Carolinas. Ignore my handwriting, I am aware I write like a 5th grade girl :) Species list in comments.

Hill Park Zoo Map
MonkeyBat, 1 Jul 2020
    • MonkeyBat
      Flamingos - Caribbean flamingo

      Ducks and Turtles - ruddy duck, wood duck, mallard duck, redhead, river cooter, painted turtle, eastern mud turtle

      Alligators - aligator snapping turtle, American alligator

      Elephants - African elephant

      Camels - dromedary camel

      Ostriches - common ostrich

      Giraffes - reticulated giraffes

      Lions - African lions

      Ectotherms - corn snake, black rat snake, eastern diamondbacks, eastern king snakes, boa constrictor, eyelash viper, rhinoceros iguana, Madagascar day gecko, Jackson’s chameleon, tokay gecko, Veiled chameleon, glass lizard, blue poison frog, red eyed tree frog, eyeing poison frog, Panamanian golden frog, green tree for, southern leopard frog, tomato frog, orb weaver, red kneed tarantula, katydid, praying mantis, Vietnamese walking stick

      Toucans - toco toucan

      Monkeys - black handed spider monkey

      Aviary - scarlet macaw, blue and gold macaw, scarlet macaw, black bellied whistling duck, blue crowned mot mot, white bellied whistling duck, red capped cardinal, crested oropendola
    • amur leopard
      Like your style, with the animal drawings pasted on ;)
      Really nice :)
      MonkeyBat likes this.
    • Yi Qi
      Nice, but that seems to be a hella small elephant enclosure, depending on how many you got in there.
    • MonkeyBat
      @Yi Qi This wasn't necessarily aiming for realism, more of a little art project.
    • Paul Kalisch
      looks really nice, the structure kind of reminds me of the Zürich Zoo which is aswell located on a hillside
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