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Iberian Wolves at Port Lympne 27/11/09

[i]Canis lupus signatus[/i] Now kept at both Aspinall parks.

Iberian Wolves at Port Lympne 27/11/09
Maguari, 1 Dec 2009
    • Maguari
      Canis lupus signatus

      Now kept at both Aspinall parks.
    • Jose
      where abouts is there enclosure at port lympne? do they still have the old timber wolves?
    • Maguari
      It's right down in the far corner, between the Barbary Lions and the Brown Hyaenas. They do still have the Timber Wolves, up at the top of the park to the right as enter.
    • Pertinax
      Presumably these are some from the litters born at Howletts. Did you see just these two?

      I shall certainly look out for them next visit. Last time I failed to see the ones at Howletts- despite repeated visits to the enclosure. Maybe the ones born there(like these two?) are better used to people?
    • Maguari
      I saw two at Howletts and four at Port Lympne. The Port Lympne ones were definitely the more showy - but they did have strength of numbers and a smaller exhibit with much more available viewing on the boundary.
    • Pertinax
      some people have all the luck...:rolleyes:

      They are very different looking from other European wolves. Very reddish brown with the dark markings on the forelegs. To me they seem like the European equivalent/counterpart of the North American 'Red' Wolf which is I believe is simply the more southerly form of Canis lupus. It even has the same leg markings.
    • Jose
      yes it is true they resemble slithly the "red wolf" and it is indeed the most southerly , once it was found in many states of northern Mexico
    • KEEPER
      I see them in the wild...Yes I´m lucky :D
    • EvilKittie
      :O :O :O lucky....
    • Pertinax
      Did you go and find them yourself? Or did you join a 'wolfwatching' tour?

      Either way- How easy are they to see? I believe early morning and evening are the key times?
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