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IMG 8426

IMG 8426
Maisie, 9 Jul 2010
    • Elephas Maximus
      This cockatoo is not in a good shape... Which species is it btw?
      Feather plucking shouldn't appear when a natural habitat and partners are provided.
      So maybe this is a donated pet from ignorant owners.
    • stubeanz
      I think they have a lot of donated pets, yet they also sell young parrots to the public?
    • Pertinax
      Looks like a Salmon-crested/Moluccan. An extreme case of feather-plucking so presumably from a very bad environment and obviously hand-tame-old habits die hard even under improved conditions. So many'pet' parrots live such unnatural lives and feather-plucking indicates the stress they experience.:(
    • Maisie
      I should have added a comment to this photo when I posted it. It's a donated or rehab case bird as a lot of Tropical Birdland's birds are. In its previous home it feather-plucked so much it damaged the follicles, so it will never grow back feathers. However it's now a very happy bird.
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