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Indian Rhino

Part of the enclosure and their house.

Indian Rhino
skoop102, 7 May 2010
    • skoop102
      Part of the enclosure and their house.
    • Dom
      The word "yuck" comes to mind when seeing that dodgy architecture....

      Where is this situated in the park?
    • ZooLeopard
      I think that may be the worst animal building I have ever seen. The colour is even worse than some of Colchester's mock rock :p
    • Maguari
      Holy mother of Zarquon.

      That's pretty ghastly. All South Asian temples have heavy-duty steel gates, of course....

      Both paddock and house look bigger than I thought they would be, though.
    • Zambar
      Course those Indian Ancients must've got pretty pissed one night, explaining the design and the fact they would've built it in a Nepalese Floodplain. ;)
    • Shirokuma
      I thought "urghhh"... What were they thinking?
    • Bele
      At least the actual housing behind all the tack appears to be a traditional barn-type metal-clad structure .
    • Dom
      But why mask the barn with.......that?
      I don't think many people would mind seeing the barn, andit would've been cheaper without that......mess
    • Pertinax
      There aren't too many temples in the middle of Asian Rhino floodplain habitat(certainly not in Kaziranga anyway), as people have already pointed out. This 'tacky temple' facade pretty much follows West Midlands general style though I'd definately agree it would have been far better not trying to use this to hide the green barn.:(

      I think West Midlands could probably pick up an award for 'Naffness' generally with some of their enclosure designs and fencing, not to mention the 'White' animals.
    • MARK
      I guess then they have White rhinos, right!!!!!!!!!!
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