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Indoor Gorilla Habitat.

Indoor Gorilla Habitat.
blospz, 15 Jun 2010
    • Flixox101
      Are there any other zoos in North America that have an indoor gorilla exhibit with vegetation and that much sunlight?
    • Chlidonias
      the vegetation is all outside the gorillas' area though is it not? So its just another set-piece of an enclosure.
    • Flixox101
      No there is vegetation in the exhibit. There is another pic on here that shows the back of the exhibit with grass and plants.
    • reduakari
      Show me an indoor enclosure for gorillas anywhere that can support living plants in with the animals.

      Of course it is a "set piece". So is every exhibit, by definition. Some are better crafted than others. I'd place this one somewhere between the purely "utilitarian sets" of Howletts et al and the elaborate and detailed "realistic sets" such as Woodland Park, Animal Kingdom and the Bronx.
    • Chlidonias
      it was a query in response to post #2
    • Animal
      You mean like in Leipzig? (best shot I found of the indoors here in the frorums):

    • Pertinax
      Is this the indoor area?.:confused:

      The only vegetation I can see here is grass. Gorillas will rip up and eat everything/anything in an indoor area where they are confined many hours per day. Only well established clumps/trees in oudoor areas will be ignored because they've got far more room/choice what to browse on outside.
    • Toddy
      Or how about in Munich Zoo?


      I had a better shot of the one in Pongoland uploaded but that vanished in The Great Purge.
    • reduakari
      I stand corrected! However, I would guess the plantings (other than the grass) in this shot must be heavily guarded by hotwire.
    • Zooplantman
      All that is here (Munich photo) is grass and two wall-clinging vines.
      Still more than most have
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