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Jaguar cage

Jaguar cage
Tarsius, 13 May 2010
    • Animal
      The painting is new, eh?
      Why did they not demolish the old zoo?
    • Tarsius
      Most of the buildings and cages are gone. I ask the man at the information desk the same question, and he told me, it was to expensive to destroy th rest of the cages, and now, they still remaining there.

      Its a little bit sad, they have not done the same with the old Hamburg Zoo, right ?
    • Animal
      I quite like planten un bloomen (old hamburg zoo) like it is today. And without renovation they would be gone by now.
    • Baldur
      Any chance of getting you to show me that, should I find myself in Hamburg at some point? :D (as well as maybe the remains of the Hagenbeck business outside of Stellingen)
    • Animal
      Not much too see of the old stuff, but sure, we can manage :)
    • Hugh Blake
      This was Princess the chimps cage. She was personal pet who arrived at the zoo (before my time) in a limousine wearing cloths. Being stripped and stuck in the must have been a tremendous shock.
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    13 May 2010
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