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Japanese Snow Macaque enclosure at Guzoo

A single female Snow Macaque

Japanese Snow Macaque enclosure at Guzoo
Devonvm, 6 Jun 2008
    • Devonvm
      A single female Snow Macaque
    • snowleopard
      The owners should be shot.
    • Jacobea
      snowleopard: agreed. Or, failing that, locked in this cage themselves.
    • zooman
      This zoo is not in a third world country!!
      I was sure it would be......
    • GillP
      Like Zooman, I was shocked to see this nasty, cruel dump was in Canada. I've just looked at all the other pictures of it, and its poor unfortunate inhabitants, in the gallery and there is nothing to show any attempt at even adequate housing has been made.

      Dirty, dangerous (eg. the litter in the bear enclosure), barren, unstimulating zoos are always shocking wherever they are but however upsetting, there is some argument that in certain parts of the world people are fighting for survival and therefore welfare is a luxury they can't afford, and the inadequate display of animals is considered to be nothing more than a means of making enough money to buy food. However, you don't expect the same attitude in so-called 1st world countries where the same level of desperation simply doesn't exist (poverty is relative).

      Canadian members ....... is this place well known (notorious ?) in Canada, and is there any sort of on-going campaign regarding its closure, improvement or regulation ?
    • snowleopard
      Search for Guzoo on ZooChat, as there is a thread on this dumping ground that explains several charges, reviews and investigations of the place. Disgusting, foolish, borderline defective owners...
    • snowleopard
    • Cat-Man
      no they should be torured by zoochatters and the animals first!
    • Mr T
      This place looks horrendous. Worryingly though, a look at the website, and it doesn't look too bad (although I would question their approach to animal husbandry in terms of handling).
    • snowleopard
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    6 Jun 2008
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