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Jungle Jewels Bird ID

Help again please with this one from the Jungle Jewels aviary. 16 May 2013

Jungle Jewels Bird ID
Jackwow, 24 May 2013
    • Jackwow
      Help again please with this one from the Jungle Jewels aviary.

      16 May 2013
    • FBBird
      Masked Crimson Tanager?
    • vogelcommando
      I would say Brazilian tanager althrough not very brigth colored ( food-related ? ).
    • FBBird
      I've never seen a Brazilian Tanager with a black face -- Vogelcommando, have you?
    • vogelcommando
      You made a point but the 'mask' is so little that I still rule-out Masked Crimson Tanager.
    • Jackwow
      Thanks guys. So the jury's out on this one. I have researched both on the net and it is hard to say although I notice that all the pics of the Masked Crimson Tanager show them having a very dark underbelly, which this bird doesn't have?
    • Zooish
      I believe its a female Masked Crimson Tanager. At least Jurong thinks it is.
    • condor
      I've seen my share of wild masked crimson tanagers and a reasonable number of captives too. The difference between the male and female is rather negligible. If this is a masked crimson, something went seriously wrong in its development (belly+mask). However, this looks exactly like I'd expect a hybrid masked crimson X Brazilian would look. Hybrids between different species in this genus are well known...
    • FBBird
      Now why didn't I think of it being a hybrid? Makes perfect sense.
    • molinea
      Piranga leucoptera Piranga bifascié
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    24 May 2013
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