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Kulans in the camel pen

Kulans in the camel pen
Jana, 6 Jul 2010
    • Jana
      A pen for Bactrian camel, kulan and goitered gazelle, Zoo Plzen July 2010.
    • Fossa dude
      Are Kulan the same as Kaing.
    • Jabiru96
      Kulan are a sub-species of Onager, so no.
    • Kifaru Bwana
      The correct genus name is Asiatic wild ass, Asian wild ass or ... Kulan.
      The 5 conventionally recognised subspecies are:
      Equus h. hemionus - the Mongolian Kulan (in northern Mongolia) (E. h. luteus - the Gobi Kulan in southern Mongolia and northern China, is probably a synonym of E. h. hemionus (Oakenfull et al. 2000, Grubb 2005))
      E. h. khur – the Khur (India)
      E. h. kulan the Turkmen Kulan (in Turkmenistan, re-introduced in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine)
      E. h. onager - the Onager (Iran, introduced in Saudi Arabia)
      E. h. hemippus – the Syrian Wild Ass (Extinct, formerly from Syria south into the Arabian Peninsula)


      Nice assemblage of species ... How are the kulan getting along with the *** camels. Some zoos have had issues with them.

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