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Lion House - Amur Leopard Exhibit

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Lion House - Amur Leopard Exhibit
geomorph, 18 Jun 2010
    • epickoala123
      is this The complete exhibit? There's also a picture of a black leopard exhibit, was that the entire exhibit??
    • TropicWorld54
      There are about 5 exhibits (all the same size) indoors. I think the big cats may rotate to the decent outdoor exhibits. The only species exclusively indoors are the Eurasian Lynx and serval. Pallas cats, Red Panda, snow leopard, and puma have only outdoor exhibits. Amur Tigers and Lions have access to nice grottoes with glass viewing and indoor exhibits at the same time.
    • Moebelle
      When I was there, this exhibit, and the one next to it said it held jaguars. The leopard does have outdoor access.
    • JVM
      The animals are rotated between exhibits frequently - the Amur Leopard was outside on 7/30 and no indoor cage had a sign for one. The outdoor exhibits at Kovler Lion House aren't particularly bad and certainly better than the outdoor ones. In my most recent visit, the only indoor-exclusive animals were a Jaguar that could access two indoor exhibits and Serval that could access two or three. The animals could both probably use more space but it seems the zoo is scaling back it's cat collection further and trying to give the animals in there extra room to compensate.
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