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Lion Rock at Colchester 29/11/09

Lion Rock at Colchester 29/11/09
Maguari, 4 Dec 2009
    • PAT
      I actually really like the barrier at the back of the exhibit here and viewing looks good.
    • zoogiraffe
      The viewing at Colchester is very good if you like looking at most of your animals through glass,and don`t mind most of the animals having no way of not been seen by the public.
    • Pertinax
      I would like to redesign this and turn it into the new 'Gelada Plateau' for the Gelada baboon group. It could be a really good exhibit- provided the lion was removed first...;)
    • Goretex
      I think they'll keep Subu in there. But after that I certainly think they should do this. All they have to do is make the walls taller and actually add in more fake rock work and then the geladas shall have a great exhibit. They'll still have glass and will be in a more attractive and appropiate envioroment.
    • Pertinax
      That is exactly how I would enviage the transformation too.:) I agree the old Lion deserves to live out his days first though.
    • Mike11
      The outdoor enclosure is definately more spacious than the last enclosure. But its not as well landscaped I dont think its just a slope with a heated rock really. And Subu seems to love the Heated Rock though hes on it in nearly every photo I see of him.
    • GillP
      I never knew that rock was heated but it explains why he's often there ! Typical cat ....... drawn to warm spots.
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