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Lions at Guzoo

Lions at Guzoo
Devonvm, 6 Jun 2008
    • GillP
      Dreadful, the whole place looks like a concentration camp for animals.
    • snowleopard
      There is a thread somewhere on ZooChat where I have posted detailed reports of investigations into this animal junkyard. It is well known in Canada as being one of the worst of its kind, and the owners are basically ignorant farmers who allow visitors to go inside cages to pick up and pet baby animals like lions. Craziness!
    • snowleopard
    • GillP
      Thanks Snowleopard, it makes very sobering and disturbing reading.

      I'm assuming, that in the absence of any further specific threads since 2008, that there has been no improvement ? (or maybe better still, closure)

      I also went on to their website ...... which I found equally disturbing in far too many respects to list here, but which includes repeated claims of caring for the animals, giving them a better life etc (which is in direct contrast to the photos posted here, and the various reports), and photos (mostly headshots) which showed nothing of the nasty enclosures. I also found (as a parent) a very creepy note about not worrying if your child disappears, as they are apparently 'drawn to him' and he 'loves children'. Leaving aside the animal issues for a second, I find that an astonishing 'selling point' for any 'attraction' to make an issue of.

      The place claims to be a 'sanctuary'. As far as I'm concerned, it is never enough to justify appalling conditions by saying the animal would have otherwise been put down. Sometimes you have to make a hard judgement call and ask if the quality of life you can offer the animal is, at the least, an adequate one. If, on the other hand, (even with the best of intentions) your best efforts would mean the animal suffering either mentally or physically, then you shouldn't take it on. There are all sorts of pets I would love to have but I can't provide their basic needs (which is more than food) so I don't have them, simple as. In my opinion, people who claim to have an interest in, and love for, animals but who keep them in such disgusting conditions are lying hypocrites (and / or must be incredibly stupid).
    • Dan
      I guess I ought to keep my big mouth shut but I simply cannot do so when I see pictures like this.

      People of The USA and Canada: please do something! Please try to influence your politicians! Pictures like these are unworthy of your otherwise so great countries!

      I applaude what GillP writes! And I canĀ“t help but to link to my thread:
    • Cat-Man
      bloody s*it*
    • snowleopard
      One of the main problems with animal laws in Canada and the United States is that they are the #2 and #3 countries on the planet and HUGE in size. In British Columbia, the westernmost Province in the nation of Canada, there was recently a new law passed that banned the ownership of over 1,200 different species of animal. That has caused a series of waves and it has turned out to be a terrific law as the crackdown on animal welfare has begun. However, that is only one Province and there are 9 more plus 3 Territories in Canada in total. Each has different rules and regulations in regards to the ownership of animals, and Guzoo is in the Province of Alberta where some laws are a little different.

      In the U.S. it is even more divided, as with 50 States there are a long list of different regulations from border to border. In about half of the States it is still legal to own a chimpanzee, and so that sad fact explains how diverse laws can be different depending on locality. There really needs to be some broad legislation passed that encompasses all 13 Provinces and Territories in Canada, and all 50 American States.
    • GillP
      (I've just re-read what I wrote and realised this doesn't make sense. To clarify, the 'him' in this comment was about the owner's creepy looking son in their 'Meet the People' section of the site.)
    • Dan
      Thanks snowleoprad for a very good description of the problem. "Federalism", I believe, is the name of the principle governing The USA and Canada. It probably has its good and its bad points from all possible points of views and this web site is certainly not the place to discuss these principles in general.

      I will "rest my case" by once again pointing out that I am very disappointed by the lack of animal protection laws that this principle have produced.
    • Viper
      Just looked at their website and found an apalling comment under Wild Animals As Pets:

      "GuZoo never promotes lions and tigers or other wild animals as pets. Yes, we hand raise them, and yes they are cute and cuddly and relatively SAFE AS INFANTS."

      Saying that Lions and Tiger infants are "relatively safe" must mean the owners/workers need a reality check and need a smack in the head.

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