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Lost Forest - Gorilla Tropics - Scripps Aviary - Black Crake

Lost Forest - Gorilla Tropics - Scripps Aviary - Black Crake
geomorph, 18 May 2014
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    • geomorph
      November 2013. This aviary contains hammerkop, African open-bill stork, African spoonbill, magpie shrike, gray parrot, amethyst starling, great blue turaco, African olive-pigeon, crested coua, golden-breasted starling, Reichenow’s weaver, green woodhoopoe, blue-bellied roller, emerald starling, Southern bald ibis, West African long-tailed hornbill, blue-breasted kingfisher, white-headed buffalo weaver, white-headed lapwing, white-crowned robin-chat, African golden oriole, white-faced whistling duck, superb starling, red-eyed dove, tambourine dove, Senegal laughing dove, racquet-tailed roller, oriole warbler, yellow-necked francolin, blue-naped mousebird, purple roller, ferruginous duck, capuchin babbler, Senegal parrot, Rueppell’s white-crowned shrike, and violet turaco.This African-themed exhibit complex was opened in two phases in the early 1990’s (including the renovated Scripps Aviary) along with the Treetops complex of two restaurants and a shop (now an education room) and has 9 exhibits.
    • FBBird
      Lost forest..

      Black crake
    • vogelcommando
      Nice bird, bred lots of them in a privat collection back in the 1980-ties.
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    18 May 2014
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