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Male Marsh Harrier

Fresendelf, Jun. 9 2013 Nor completly sure about the species...

Male Marsh Harrier
vogelcommando, 13 Apr 2014
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    • vogelcommando
      Fresendelf, Jun. 9 2013 Not completly sure about the species...
    • Pertinax
      I think its a Montagu's male, but the underside isn't clear enough to be 100% on that. Looks like its carrying prey too, so nesting.
    • vogelcommando
      Thank you Pertinax !
    • Vision
      This is an adult male marsh harrier, because of the brown body and pale underwings with black only on the tips. The very long legs and long 'fingers' on the end of the wings are also good identification points.

      Males of the other three European harriers (hen, pallid, and Montagu's) all have much lighter bodies and a lot more black on the wing-tips, with male Montagu's especially having a lot more markings on the underwings than this individual. ;)
    • vogelcommando
      And again, thank you very much Vision for the clear identification !
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    13 Apr 2014
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