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Melanism Inheritance in Jaguar

Created by @Zoofan15 05/08/2020.

Melanism Inheritance in Jaguar
Zoofan15, 5 Aug 2020
    • Tafin
      This make way more sense than when you tried to explain in ZD why my Golden Jaguars could only have Golden cubs. :D
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    • amur leopard
      Why is this any different to, say, leopards, or any other Punnett square for that matter?

      Or was this just to demonstrate on an example?
    • Zoofan15
      @amur leopard Melanism in leopards in caused by a recessive allele (not a dominant allele as in this example); but yeah, we had some Jaguar in ZD and I wanted to explain melanism inheritance to people. We used the same chart in a fictional scenario in Mesozoic Zoo 2 involving Velociraptor, with cryptic and melanistic colour variants (cryptic illustrated by golden in this punnet square).
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