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solari27, 19 Apr 2010
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    • European Fauna
      I donĀ“t mind admitting that I would probably feel slightly nervous passing alongside this enclosure on a quiet day.I have occasionally felt a little tense walking past certain enclosures in different zoos, especially days when there are few visitors, and animals can take an unusual degree of interest in oneself.Even old zoo hands are sometimes startled by the sudden rush of a big cat against a fence.However, moats are the worst, & I will always remember a lioness apparently crouching for a huge pounce across a moat that I considered dangerously narrow.I was well pleased to have gotten away in one piece, and I still consider that it could have ended badly.Moats & fence heights are calculated according to average jumping abilities, but do not take into account extra athletic prowess demonstrated by the occasional animal, as many unfortunate zoo incidents prove.I suppose most zoochatters must have felt this on some occasion.
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    19 Apr 2010
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