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MOLA - Crocodile Cafe Interior

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MOLA - Crocodile Cafe Interior
geomorph, 30 Apr 2010
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    • European Fauna
      If this were an exhibit for otters, there would be non-stop action, entertainment & visual excitement.As it is dedicated to crocodiles, it is bound to be a boring visual flop.A couple of sleepy reptilians floating aimlessly and probably half-hidden will be a source of zero visual interest for those in the cafeteria.I am all in favour of fantastic exhibits for crocodilians & this looks great.My problem is that it seems obvious that this exhibit is intended to provide great visual interest, but the hardened zoo visitor knows full well that during the time one takes to consume one´s meal, the most that will be seen are a couple of movements of crocodile eyes & other semi-perceptible movements.Always assuming that the crocs are even reasonably within view.
    • Maguari
      A fair point actually - otters would probably make a better show. Mind you, looking at the other photos I think there are turtles in here too, which are at least a bit more active.
    • reduakari

      And fish, which never stop moving....
    • jbnbsn99
      This is really a great exhibit in my opinion. The Gharials are active when I've visited, but granted I'm patient enough to wait until they move. There are several species of turtles and loads of fish. It is anything but a stagnant exhibit.
    • reduakari
      Contrary to these comments, this is a dynamic and memorable exhibit, with a marvelous variety of rare and interesting turtles and some spectacular fish more than making up for the low-energy gharials. When the gharials DO swim, it takes it up several notches and becomes one of the best zoo exhibit experiences I've ever been privileged to see.
    • Arizona Docent
      The exhibit itself is great and when I first read there would be a cafe with underwater viewing I was excited. But when I saw it in person, I was sorely disappointed to see it is a glorified snack bar with nothing to eat that anyone who actually cares about their health would eat. Just hamburgers and hot dogs as far as I can remember. This was a huge opportunity wasted. Notice how no one is sitting there eating? With an improved menu this could be groundbreaking. As it stands, it is a wasted space. (Thankfully, there are addtional viewing windows outside the cafe.)
    • reduakari
      I can't disagree with that at all....
    • Gulo gulo
      best crocodilian exhibit I've ever seen. I bet Errol is envious.
    • jbnbsn99
      It's a shame that the burrito bar is never open when I visit. That provides a much healthier, and tastier, dining option, but only when open. By contract, the Burger King has to be open at all times when the zoo is open regardless of business.
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