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MOLA - Ring-tailed Lemur Exhibit

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MOLA - Ring-tailed Lemur Exhibit
geomorph, 30 Apr 2010
    • mstickmanp
      This could have been better used for either Caimans or Chinese Alligators. Even young American Alligators.
    • Toddy
      Is that little island all there is to the exhibit? If so that is an extremely poor ring-tailed lemur habitat. There is hardly anything to climb and most of it is covered by mock rock...
    • jbnbsn99
      Yes, that is all of their exhibit. It is really even worse in person. I agree with mstickmanp that Caimens or Chinese Alligators would have been a lot better.
    • Maguari
      All the money spent and that's the best lemur exhibit they could come up with?

      The reptile sections look fantastic but this does not look good at all. Was this always intended for lemurs? It almost has the feel of an exhibit designed without any particular species in mind.
    • geomorph
      I think they should display a zoo designer there instead.
    • snowleopard
      It seems truly bizarre to have what may be a truly great reptile/amphibian house complete with one of the smallest and worst lemur exhibits in North America. If some of the large rocks were removed then a turtle or crocodilian species could easily be housed here.
    • European Fauna
      Only suitable for certain waterfowl species & not even great for those.Actually,forget that suggestion.If they made the effort to provide a decent climbing structure for the lemurs, they would have to devise a solution to stop them jumping onto the roof.I have reasonable architectural imagination & am forever dreaming up ways to improve & adapt enclosures but I am sorry - this is a complete disaster.There is nothing to salvage here.Demolition equipment & back to the drawing-board.This exhibit should never have happened & less in the 21st century when it is so easy to inform oneself on successful exhibits for given species.
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    30 Apr 2010
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