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Mountain Tapir

Tapirus pinchaque 4 August 2013

Mountain Tapir
Semioptera, 1 Jul 2014
    • Semioptera
      Tapirus pinchaque
      4 August 2013
    • baboon
      As cute as a Teddy!
    • Semioptera
      Thanks Baboon :D
    • Bib Fortuna
      Looks happy-it has an outdoor exhibit !
    • Semioptera
      Thanks Bib Fortuna. A lone animal in its exhibit but pretty happy, I think :)
    • toto98
      It is really likely that the animal is not lonely as the Los Angeles Zoo is the Zoo that keeps the largest collection of these tapirs and they are constantly rotation the pairs and small groups.

      If the animal was lonely, I imagine it would be for a very short period of time
    • Bib Fortuna
      By the way-all tapirs are SOLITARY living animals-they don't live in herds ! But the other question is-should Mountain tapirs being kept in the hot climate of Los Angeles ??? I guess, they doing very well,( as like as Takin,Muskox,Saiga and Snow leopard in San Diego-some of them in the past ) altough it is defenitely to wet and hot t for them-because they have bred very well in the past, and if animals breed in captivity, everything is fine, isn't it ?
    • Bib Fortuna
      Can I see it on the picture, if the animal is LONE ?;)
    • Semioptera
      Thanks Toto98, BibFortuna
      Its great if LAZoo has more tapirs off-exhibit and breeds them. :)
      There is a small pool in its exhibit. He regularly take a dip or drink from it. Also part of the exhibit is covered by trees. Good enough shades for Tapir if its too hot/sunny.
    • Bib Fortuna
      A pool and Shade isn't enough-the climate is year rroudn for mountao tapirs, they live in highs between up to 3500-5000 meters...

      I don't know, if L.A.. is breeding them currently,I think, the species is planned to be"phased out"in the future.
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    1 Jul 2014
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