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My Ideal Bristol Zoo Map

In an ideal world, this would be my ideal Bristol Zoo (hopefully) making use of as much space as possible. Please comment and criticise!

My Ideal Bristol Zoo Map
Daubentoniidae, 16 Sep 2019
    • Animallover1998
      Clouded leopards, bush dogs, sifaka, African fish eagle, pygmy falcons, binturongs, babirusa, fossa, maned wolves, prevost's squirrel, Sulawesi macaques, swamp wallaby, Baird's tapir, New Guinea echidna!!!

      I am really loving your fantasy Zoo lists!!! Is there any chance you might also do fantasy zoo maps for Cotswold, Dudley or Marwell if possible? Keep up the good work!
    • Daubentoniidae
      Thanks for the feedback.

      I was considering doing Marwell but I've never been to Cotswold or Dudley so wouldn't really know what to change.
    • JigerofLemuria
      I really like how you really used this zoo to its maximum potential, and got some really interesting species in there to boot! Although I was wondering, do you have any strong opinions on the current lion enclosure? I think it's a good idea to split it into two smaller carnivore enclosures if it's too small.
    • Daubentoniidae
      I've personally never seen much problem with it but it may be a bit too small and two smaller enclosures would work well but that would mean that Bristol lost its main attraction, aside from the Gorillas.
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