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Naracoorte Cave - Interior

View of the cascade and visitors looking at the Giant Centipede exhibit. Naracoorte Cave feature on Zoolex (with daytime and behind-the-scenes photos):

Naracoorte Cave - Interior
Zooish, 25 Mar 2012
    • Zooish
    • Chlidonias
      is there a barrier there? I can imagine myself looking in the centipede tank, then stepping backwards and falling in the water. (I tend to do that sort of thing!)
    • Zooish
      No barrier, but the pool edge is raised (like a curb), so that should help to prevent people tripping into the pool!
    • zooboy28
      My partner did actually fall over in here, although not into the main pool of water, just a puddle on the floor. :D

      I found the caves a very average exhibit, not an impressive collection at all.
    • Zooish
      @zooboy28: I agree, the collection isn't great with only 6 display tanks. I think the cave was intended to be more of a themed environment rather than a serious zoological exhibit.
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    25 Mar 2012
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