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New Visyan Warty Pig exhibit at Chester 06/12/09

Under the 'Bats Bridge'.

New Visyan Warty Pig exhibit at Chester 06/12/09
Maguari, 8 Dec 2009
    • Maguari
      Under the \'Bats Bridge\'.
    • taun
      I wonder if they will try planying more trees in the area, considering the pigs killed a few since moving in?
    • EvilKittie
      that used be planted with scrubs, grass and ye =)
    • taun
      I know that, and I also know that they are having a real problem with the plants in there and any they have planted due the destructive nature of the pigs.
    • EvilKittie
      the odd thing is that at the old enclosure only 1 side was like this :O
    • gentle lemur
      Sooner or later, all pig enclosures look like this.
      I think pigs should be housed in paddocks in rotation with other medium sized hoofstock etc. After a year or so, the stock can be moved around and the paddock which the pigs have demolished can be re-landscaped, replanted and left to recover, then something less destructive can be moved in as part of the next rotation.

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    8 Dec 2009
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