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NORTICA : Polar bear enclosure

July 31 2016. See

NORTICA : Polar bear enclosure
vogelcommando, 3 Aug 2016
    • korhoen
      One of the weirdest polar bear enclosures I have ever seen. I still don't understand why these fences need to look like oil-pipelines..:confused:
    • FunkyGibbon
      I quite like the oil-pipe fencing actually. It carries a message and is 'naturalistic' in some sense. Much better than yet another implausibly secure overhanging rockwall.
    • korhoen
      That it's more "naturalistic" than a rock wall is probably the sad truth, and I also think that it could carry a message if the right interpretative education was given. There is, however, no education whatsoever so I still don't see the need to have it themed like this, besides that it fits the overall "industrial" theming of the area.
    • Maguari
      A large round cylinder/half cylinder on top of a fence is also a pretty effective anti-climb measure, so it may be more a practical decision (bit hard to judge the scale here).
    • Johnny
      @korhoen There's plenty of education, if yiu didn't see any it's your own fault. This is what actual research stations looke like, as well as small harbours in Northern regions
    • korhoen
      @Johnny Can you give some examples of the "plenty of education"? I'm really curious where I should've looked for it on both my visits, because I couldn't find it (and I've actively looked for it).
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