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Not the Round Aviary and Bird Corridor at Chester 06/12/09

Not them, because they've been demolished.

Not the Round Aviary and Bird Corridor at Chester 06/12/09
Maguari, 8 Dec 2009
    • Maguari
      Not them, because they\'ve been demolished.
    • SMR
      This whole area is not a pretty sight at the moment either. Let's hope things (somehow) improve, for a long-time bird lover, it's all a bit disappointing.
    • Maguari
      With you on that - to lose a dozen reptile exhibits, a dozen (or more) small bird aviaries and a set of small mammal exhibits in the space of a couple of months is a crying shame. I think what we'll see is most of these animals slowly turning up on show again; but I've a feeling it'll take a while - so far, only the iguanas are confirmed.
    • ZooMania
      With you on this aswell. In particular with the birds of course but also the Dwarf Mongooses who were a rather nice addition imo. Im hoping the zoo keeps them on and finds them an exhibit.
      At least we know that these enclosures arent just being emptied for lawns I suppose and with that, I am rather exited to see what Islands In Danger III brings us. And hopefully it wont be too long until some more of those birds end up back on-show.
    • SMR
      I suppose we'll have to wait and see (with fingers crossed). There haven't been any published plans or permissions for an extension to Islands in Danger, so I don't think the building will increase in size for some time to come. Unless the cleared areas are going to be outdoor enclosures, there's not much else they can be only more bushes or grass.
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