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6th of July 2016 Species List: A zoo review will be posted here:

LaughingDove, 18 Aug 2016
    • Benzoo
      What a wonderful animal.
    • LaughingDove
      It is indeed wonderful. The first time I went to their enclosure and waited there for forty minutes none showed up, but I am so pleased I went back for another look later in the day because I saw this really active individual running around for ten minutes or so.
    • Benzoo
      Thank you. Good for us.
    • Chlidonias
      I think they may only have one on display at a time. I could be entirely wrong about that, but when I was there I had the same experience as LaughingDove (didn't see any, later when I went back to the enclosure I saw one being really active), and I have read others saying the same thing.
    • devilfish
      You're right. This is Kirra, the young female on display. She was hand-reared and so is quite a lot less skittish and more easily viewable than others might be. She likes to come out briefly during sunny spells, so viewing can be quite weather-dependent. I also had a bit of bad luck with her. I'd keep missing her over the course of the day, even when we'd get messages on the radio to tell us she was out. I actually had to visit again on the morning of my flight - and even then I only saw her on my very last possible visit to the enclosure. Fortunate, in the end!
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