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Old Lion exhibit (now ocelot)

Old Lion exhibit (now ocelot)
jbnbsn99, 14 May 2010
    • Blackduiker
      This reminds me so much of the old Los Angeles Zoo's Lion exhibit. That's before they closed the old zoo back in 1965. All 17 acres. This is much better suited for smaller cats like Ocelots.
    • mstickmanp
      The exhibit actually looks like it could be a nice Klipspringer and Hyrax exhibit.
    • Meaghan Edwards
      Nice use of the exhibit, reminds me of Toronto's decision to replace caracals with African Crested Porcupine.
    • Arizona Docent
      Now that it is ocelot, are they going to put any plants in there?
    • jbnbsn99
      I think this exhibit is slated to become one for mountain Lions after some renovation. The whole Cat Row will become Texas Predators.
    • Arizona Docent
      Seems a bit small for mountain lions (unless you are using nearby Fort Worth as your guideline ;)).
    • Dallaspachyderm
      they actually combined it with the asian fishing cat habitat. making it quite spacious!
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