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Old Reindeer Enclosure

Old Reindeer Enclosure
Sealife357, 21 Jun 2015
    • TZFan
      Oh so the zoo has finally moved the tahr somewhere people can see them? Maybe I have misidentified the species. And by old reindeer exhibit do you mean the one right by the pandas?
    • zooboy28
      They are Barbary Sheep rather than Tahr I think.
    • Sealife357
      Yup, right by the camel rides and exit to the Giant pandas. They do look like Barbary sheep, but I can't find any mention to them in the old guide books, but the look so dang familiar, one of the others of the TZ Community would be able to confirm this.
    • animalman0341
      These are in fact Barbary Sheep or Audad. They used to live in the current snow leopard exhibit along with the Mouflon that are now part of the Eurasiandrive through exhibit.
    • Sealife357
      Which begs the question, where were they until their move to this exhibit?
    • TZFan
      Odds are they were down in some of the spare exhibits in the Canadian domain. There are more mouflon, a couple of chamois, a male bactrian camel and a male przewalski's horse down there that I know of. There could be some more species down there.
    • Sealife357
      Thats a good use of the use to the Domain space that is not in use. Kudos to the zoo.
    • arcticwolf
      I'm really glad to see this species finally back on exhibit. It always bothered me that there were two reindeer exhibits, especially because reindeer are a domesticated species.

      I never realized that the old Canadian Domain exhibits are still being used. I'm especially curious about the chamois in there. Toronto is one of the last places in North America that has chamois, so I'm very surprised to learn that there are even more of them off-exhibit. Does anyone have information about these animals (gender, age, etc.)?
    • TZFan
      I believe there are just 4 Chamois. Two on exhibit and two in the domain. I could be wrong but Im pretty sure thats the case. They are all pretty old. No idea about gender.
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    21 Jun 2015
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