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Old style Signage

How come every zoo in the country has the same signs? :D 13th Aug 09

Old style Signage
Meg-T, 13 Aug 2009
    • Meg-T
      How come every zoo in the country has the same signs? :D

      13th Aug 09
    • bongorob
      Do they still have Hadada Ibis?

      The signs were developed by Chester Zoo in the early 1980s, and many other zoos purchased them.

      Chester's new signs are not in this style though.
    • Meg-T
      Ok, I always wondered - when I was younger the signs were EVERYWHERE! So many zoos still have them in old exhibits (it takes me back to my childhood :D)

      And yes they did still have them - I couldn't get a good photo unfortunately. I have many more Blackbrook photos than what I have put on here, so PM if you want anything specific (that goes to anyone!)
    • Mike11
      Linton zoo still have these in the bird and small mammal enclosures :)
      Thought i recognised them!
    • Hix
      Twenty years ago in Australia there were metal labels for many of the animals at Taronga Zoo, and I used to see them in other zoos around Australia too - I guess a similar thing happened here.

      I believe that, as the label is educating the public (even labels as basic as the ones above), it is imperative that the information be correct. In Ibis label the 'h' in hagedash should not be capitalised, a common mistake but not one that should have appeared on an animal label.

      And while it's not technically a mistake, in the map on the pheasant label it appears as if the large southern land mass has been labeled as Japan.
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    13 Aug 2009
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