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Olive Baboon exhibit at Brno, 27/05/10

Similar exhibits are home to White-fronted Lemurs, Sulawesi Macaque, Mandrill and Binturong. We didn't see the lemurs or macaques.

Olive Baboon exhibit at Brno, 27/05/10
Maguari, 13 Jun 2010
    • Maguari
      Similar exhibits are home to White-fronted Lemurs, Sulawesi Macaque, Mandrill and Binturong. We didn\'t see the lemurs or macaques.
    • snowleopard
      Brno appears to have a mixture of exhibits in terms of overall quality, as there are several shockingly awful cages combined with a few lush, naturalistic enclosures. The tiger exhibit in particular seems quite impressive from photos.
    • Maguari
      That's a fair assessment. The larger primates and fur seals have immensely ugly, concrete-y exhibits (possibly include the Polar Bears in that group too), but most of the remaining exhibits are pretty average. The newer exhibits - leopards/tigers, lynx, wolves, beavers, Barbary Sheep/Geladas and so on - are very good, and I expect the new Chimp House and Kamchatkan Bear exhibit to be just as good.
    • Sun Wukong
      I wouldn't say that the leopards/tigers exhibits are "very good"-just remember the tiny & bare indoor exhibits...
    • Maguari
      The indoor areas are not huge but it's nothing you won't see at any number of other exhibits. They're not 'bad' - just 'average'. I don't see any reason to mark it down for this.
    • Sun Wukong
      The mere existence of similar exhibits doesn't justify the shortcomings of these particular indoor quarters. After all, this is a rather new building, where one could have expected a more modern indoor husbandry standard, too. For me, the shortcomings of quality of an indoor exhibit is a reason to mark down an exhibit complex in general.: Don't forget that the animal will spend more than 50% of its lifetime (sometimes even more) under so-called "average" conditions.
    • Maguari
      The exhibit was new when I first went to Brno in 2003, so it's at least 7 years old. We looked into the indoor areas and I honestly didn't register much about them - they were just standard. I certainly didn't think they had any major shortcomings. Aside from making them larger, what would you change?
    • Sun Wukong
      More structural elements (big &small branches, tree stumps, robust vegetation) to allow especially the arboreal leopards a better use of the exhibit on all levels, more opportunities to screen the big cats from the public view (currently, it's more like a fishbowl), better, more natural bedding, more behavioural enrichment aspects, generally larger & higher (especially for the leopards) indoor enclosure size etc....All in all, maybe just ONE big cat species would have been enough, allowing the adequate husbandry of more specimens of one (sub)species (which would be excellent for future breeding plans).
      2003 is still new in regard to modern husbandry standards.
    • sooty mangabey
      The leopards are now elsewhere in the zoo (with no public viewing of their internal accommodation) so the exhibit under discussion is for tigers only.

      These baboons, meanwhile, have moved along to a not massive but certainly more modern enclosure in the same row. These old cages are only now for the chimps, the lemur (I think) and a binturong that, judging by the way it moved to get its food, is positively geriatric.
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