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One of Two Large Walk-Through Aviaries

One of Two Large Walk-Through Aviaries
Blackduiker, 6 Jun 2010
    • Fossa dude
      Do you know what some of the bird species are that live in this exhibit?
    • mstickmanp
      This aviary has:

      Greater Flamingos
      White-faced Whistling Ducks
      Black Crowned Crane
      Scarlet Ibis
      Roseate Spoonbill
      Western Grey Plantain Eater
      Gold Coast Turaco
      Scheepmaker's Crowned Pigeon
      Nicobar Pigeon
    • Blackduiker
      I believe there are also Superb and Glossy headed Starlings as well. At least up until very recently.
    • mstickmanp
      I haven't been up there in quite some time, so you may be right.
    • Fossa dude
      That's is a really cool mix there. Do you know if most of the birds are visible? I enjoy looking for the birds but if it is a bird that I wanted to really see I can be sometimes frustrating. Like this one time I really wanted to see a Cock of the Rock the exhibit was so big and lush that I couldn't see anything.
    • mstickmanp
      Most of the birds are visible except for the plantain eater and the gold coast turaco. Those two species are good at hiding themselves.
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