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Orangutan Exhibit

May 2009.

Orangutan Exhibit
snowleopard, 5 May 2009
    • tigertiger
      What did you think of this exhibit/how do you think it compares to others?
    • snowleopard
      It might be the # 1 orangutan exhibit in North America, and it is perhaps the only one that has massive trees and ropes without any hotwire whatsoever. There are 2 orang enclosures, with I believe 5 of the apes in total, and this award-winning section of the zoo is terrific. The apes do spend a lot of their time indoors (Seattle is chilly for much of the year) but there are not many orang exhibits that are better than this one. Viewing opportunities are amazing, as the indoor area has glass panels, outdoors has the treetop boardwalk, and there is also an area to view the ground level of the habitat.
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    5 May 2009
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