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Orangutan Exhibit

Their new habitat breaks ground this year!

Orangutan Exhibit
Blackduiker, 12 Apr 2010
    • Blackduiker
      Their new habitat breaks ground this year!
    • drzoomi
      thank god....this is the worst exhibit in the zoo and i think in the states...
    • Arizona Docent
      Agreed, and believe it or not, it used to look even worse. Those silly looking fake tree stumps used to be just bare steel girders with metal baskets on top. This exhibit is an absolute disgrace for an otherwise good zoo.
    • Ituri
      Something to think about...
    • drzoomi
      what's that? where is it from?
    • redpanda
      It looks like Kansas City's exhibit.
    • drzoomi
      so maybe i was wrong:) but that was the worst in the states that i saw
    • snowleopard
      There are so many truly dreadful orangutan exhibits in North American zoos that it boggles the imagination. Toronto, Oregon and Phoenix have 3 of the worst, but all 3 are slated to be extensively renovated over the next few years. Kansas City looks to win the prize for most atrocious outdoor exhibit, but many zoos (Pittsburgh, Brookfield, Cleveland, etc) have orangutans that do not have any access whatsoever to the outside world.

      So are there any outstanding orangutan exhibits? I think that Woodland Park has easily the best on the continent, but after that there are slim pickings. Maybe San Diego and the giant "laundry washing line" that the orangs and siamangs climb on, or perhaps Atlanta, Omaha or Denver. European zoos are miles ahead of their North American counterparts when it comes to great orang exhibits.
    • JaxElephant
      Hopefully the Jacksonville Zoo won't follow the trend of disgraceful exhibits like this one. Thankfully the Oregon Zoo's already renovated their exhibit and the animals are out on exhibit, and the Pheonix Zoo is already started working on their already.
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