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Pachyderms - Black Rhinoceros Exhibit 2

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Pachyderms - Black Rhinoceros Exhibit 2
geomorph, 23 Jun 2010
    • dean
      It has often struck me, that with an exhibit like this if they made the dry Moat/ditch wider and sloped from both ends it would be possible to allow the animals to walk down and around the perimeter which with curving and viewing points along the path would also afford visitors the chance to see the animals even if they are below them.
      just a thought
    • dean
      a thank you

      I forgot to say thanks for the great photos Geomorph I will now read your review.
    • TropicWorld54
      If there was a sloping moat the zoo would have to raise the visitor path because the lowest point of the moat is only around 4 feet down and little kids would probally lean over and fall in. I think this exhibit and all the pachyderm exhibits are pretty good for being built in the 1930's.
    • dean
      I agree for the age of the exhibit it looks very modern and good i wasn't criticising Brookefield's enclosures per say, i meant it as a world wide comment, the moats etc are a dead space which I Often think could perhaps be utilised.
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    23 Jun 2010
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