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Parakeet exhibit

Parakeet exhibit
MeiLover, 27 Jun 2015
    • bigfoot410
      It looks like a Modern art installation. At least there is plenty of flying room
    • Chlidonias
      it does look exactly like that! As an animal exhibit it is horrifically ugly though.
    • gentle lemur
      Budgie panorama.
      It looks like a very posh version of the set from a '50s or '60s sci-fi movie (like Forbidden Planet or Barbarella). If it were made of cardboard it would be an uncanny recreation of the natural habitat of the characters from the first series of Star Trek :D

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    • Gulo gulo
      I like it. Easy to clean. Year-round interactive. Barrier for kids to slam into chasing birds. It does look very institutionalized, but a quick hosing on the high polish concrete-stained floors gets the waste away. I love the serpentine wall. If they put glass walls and had dry land on either end, the middle could be a pool. Would make a sweet crocodylian exhibit.
    • dean
      Personally I think this would look better with only green budgies and be a more natural looking flock at least.
      I'm not sure if the bird on the path is an albino specimen or not, I hope not, as I have never known a white budgerigar to breed or to be anything other than a killer of other budgie's chicks, and be very argumentative with the rest of the flock.
    • MeiLover
      There are a variety of differently-colored parakeets in this exhibit. There are white parakeets but I don't know if they're albinos.
    • zoomaniac
      What a waste of money!!! I nominate it as the ugliest exhibit of the year.
    • Hix
      This is for BUDGIES???

      Not only is it ugly and unnatural, but it's a colossal waste of space that could be better utilised displaying something - anything, really - other than the most commonly kept cage parrot in the world.
    • MeiLover
      This is also a permanent exhibit that's here to stay.
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