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Electus Parrot

Part of Wang Wang's enclosure

Part of Wang Wang's enclosure
Electus Parrot, 16 Dec 2009
    • PAT
      First of all thank you very much for the photos...I've been waiting anxiously. :)

      Is there anything for them to climb other then the newly planted trees? (and while I'm at it are they hot-wired?)

      That's my only query for an otherwise pretty nice looking exhibit apart from the concrete back wall. I'd have liked that to be hidden.
    • Electus Parrot
      There isn'y a massive amount of things for them to climb but there are quite a few large logs that go across streams and in other places which provide a bit of climbing for them. I didn't see any hot-wire around the trees but it was hard to get a good look sometimes so there could have been but it wasn't easily visible if there was any.
    • snowleopard
      Thanks very much for the photos!:) Both panda exhibits appear to be quite rocky, and while they pale in comparison to the National Zoo's giant panda enclosures in Washington, D.C., the new Adelaide exhibits seem to be of average size and quite acceptable.
    • Zooish
      Certainly looks better than San Diego's panda habitat! Its unfortunate that the back wall is so obvious although with time the plants might conceal it.

      Does the zoo have an aversion to mock-rock? The rock work in the habitat appears to be real rock slabs and boulders.
    • Electus Parrot
      I think most or all rocks are real but I think the chill rock might not be but I am not sure.
    • MARK
      Thank you for the photos
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    16 Dec 2009
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