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Penguin Encounter - Penguin Exhibit

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Penguin Encounter - Penguin Exhibit
geomorph, 21 Apr 2010
    • Baldur
      Some years ago I learned that the San Antonio park had Emperor Penguins along with the San Diego park, while Orlando did not. Is this still the case?
    • geomorph
      According to their website descriptions:

      San Antonio: rockhopper, gentoo, chinstrap, and king

      San Diego: emperor, king, adelie, gentoo, and macaroni

      Orlando: unspecified, but from another part of the website no additional Antarctic species are listed besides the ones above.

      They also list Magellanic and Humboldt species but do not specify where. I have been to both Orlando and San Antonio recently and did not see them, so I suspect they are only in San Diego in the outdoor exhibit that is only in front of San Diego's facility.
    • Ituri
      San Diego also has chinstrap. The Magellanic penguins in San Diego are outside in front of the Penguin Encounter, and the Humboldt penguins are off-display.

      I'm not sure about the other two parks.
    • johnstoni
      What is the breeding like with the Emperors and kings at the Sea World sites?
    • Ituri
      Sea World San Diego has had twenty successful emperor penguin births since 1980.
      Emperor Chick
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