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Philippine mixed-species

Visayan spotted deer and Negros Islands warty pigs- these two species are not mixed anywhere else according to the keeper talk

Philippine mixed-species
DesertRhino150, 3 Apr 2013
    • DesertRhino150
      Visayan spotted deer and Negros Islands warty pigs- these two species are not mixed anywhere else according to the keeper talk
    • Al
      Do you have a rough idea of group size and sex ratios of both species? Do they have separate areas also?
    • DesertRhino150
      The deer are a 1:3 group and the pigs a bachelor group of 4:0. The pigs currently have a second enclosure that they spend some of their time in, as the mix has only been in process for a short time and the two species are still getting used to each other. Until recently they were only allowed out together at the supervised feeding times.
    • Pertinax
      My fear here is that though they may get along fine, the Pigs will eventually ruin the paddock/grazing for the Deer.:(

      Newquay also exhibit the two species 'together' but the Pigs have(or did have) a sectioned-off area and not actually with the Deer. Better IMO.
    • DesertRhino150
      Unfortunately, I am inclined to agree with you on this- already about half the paddock bears a resemblance to a ploughed field.
    • Pertinax
      These mixed exhibits sometimes contain unforeseen disadvantages as well as benefits and I can't always see the point of having the 'first' mixed exhibit of something when that happens. I wonder if they will be forced to change it after the pigs have turned it into a complete morass (which they will..)?
    • DesertRhino150
      Certainly while I was there, the state of the enclosure was actually the lesser problem- both species really didn't seem to get on. The deer stag got bitten at least twice and one of the female deer would continually kick any pig that came too close. The deer also seemed very nervous around the pigs and so appeared to lose out at feeding time- I think its only a matter of time before the two species are separated completely.
    • IanRRobinson
      Mixing pigs with other taxa doesn't happen all that often, does it? Off the top of my head the only exhibit that I can remember is Banteng/Wild Boar in San Diego.

      Most pigs root, they bite and they generally make a nuisance of themselves to any other animals in close proximity. I would worry about any fawns in this exhibit as well. File under "nice idea that doesn't work".
    • Pertinax
      So would I, though for some reason, although Colchester have had 1.3 Phillipine Deer for some time, I don't think they have had any (successful?) births here?

      Re the mixing of the species, IMO the Deer are too valuable to take risks like this with. Apart from any direct aggression I would also worry about damage to their legs from the rooted-up paddock surface.
    • mstickmanp
      The LA Zoo has exhibited Red River Hogs with Bongo, and for a little bit the zoo also Babirusa with Lowland Anoa.

      Interesting that the LA Zoo's Babirusa exhibit is very grassy and the pigs have not destroyed their exhibit.
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