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plan of berkenhof's tropical zoo

plan of berkenhof's tropical zoo
vogelcommando, 3 Jan 2013
    • ralph
      I'm planning a visit to this zoo. Do you have a species list?
      This is what I have found so far;
      red-eyed tree frog, eastern tiger salamander, green-and-black poison dart frog, yellow-footed tortoise, green iguana, bearded dragon, black agama, leptiens spiny-tailed lizard, frilled lizard, panther chameleon, madagascar day gecko, yellow-headed day gecko, peacock day gecko, leopard gecko, crested gecko, prehensile-tailed skink, argentine black and white tegu, red tegu, blue ameiva, burmese rock python, taiwan beauty snake, grey-banded kingsnake, cuvier's dwarf caiman, asian blue quil, zebra finch, diamond dove, budgerigar, red-crested parakeet, sunbird, prairiedog, white-tufted marmoset.
    • vogelcommando
      species you won't see :red tegu, blue ameive red-crested parakeet sunbird and prairiedog because they don't keep these species ( anymore ).
      Your list is quite complete but you may also see white-eared turaco, loads of different butterfly-species and koi-carps.
      They are working on a new bird-hal but I'm not sure when this will be finished.
      Anyway, it surtainly is worth a visit !
    • vogelcommando
      Sorry but I forgot giant snails,stick insects ( several - huge - species ! ), bird-eating spiders, scorpions, waking leafs ( = leafinsects ) and several other insects as well.
    • ralph
      Thanks. Too bad the blue ameiva is no longer kept. It would have been a new species for me.

      I forgot to mention the channel-billed toucan. Do they still keep those?
    • vogelcommando
      Yes, I forgot it too !! They are in a large aviary which is in the middle of the hall.
    • Mr Gharial
      @ralph I know that this is seven years old by now, but I'd suggest using ZooTierListe. They keep a log of all zoos in (and some outside of) Europe and what species they have. Though they don't list invertibrae
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